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Life, Love, & the Thoughts Thereafter


Origin:  Pittsburgh, Pa


Genres:  Black Rock/Hip-Hop/RnB/Soul


Years Active:  2017-Present 


Label:  Independent 


Website: Wix.com

Short Bio

A Rock, Hip hop, Blues, Soul, Funk fusion band that creates original music that celebrates the reclamation of music genres that are rooted in African-American culture but connect to us all. The music addresses social injustices, equity in music, fragility of the human heart, and the triumphs over the daily struggles just to exist in a world that has often lost its humanity. The high energy performances and lyrical content speak to all facets of the human condition and appeals to audiences of all ages.


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Label: Wix Records, Jake Coldham | info@mysite.com


Management: Ja'Sonta Roberts


Booking: Chris Volpini, Family CirQus 



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